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New kid in town: SELF Fitness Studio

Updated: Apr 13, 2019

SELF Fitness Studio opens it's door as the first in Asia to focus in the Garuda Method from London.

SELF Fitness Studio opens it's door in Hong Kong on March 2019, focusing on The Garuda Method from London, created by James D'Silva.

Garuda takes its name from an Indian mythological sacred bird that can change shape according to its function.

Developed by James D’Silva, the Garuda system features a unique multi-functional apparatus and matwork syllabus that delivers the ultimate in effective body conditioning and rehabilitation. The routines and exercises are limitless and work every area of your body.

Encompassing the principles of Pilates, the breath work and asana practices of yoga, the grace and athleticism of dance, Garuda is the face of 21st century fitness.  Where Pilates ends, Garuda begins. Holistic, organic, dynamic - Garuda is the hybrid that is revolutionizing our approach to fitness.

What is the benefits of The Garuda Method?

It’s inspired a more intelligent and intuitive way to exercise the body. Combining the core strength and focus of pilates and the balletic grace of dance, the Garuda method is the answer to many people’s quest for a stronger, more flexible, toned body.

It has all the benefits of a robust cardiovascular workout, while stretching the mind as well as the body. Garuda is a test of mental strength as well as physical, demanding total concentration during the exercises.

How’s Garuda being practiced?

Using the specially designed Garuda apparatus, mat or other complementary equipment you’ll learn to control your body through precise stretches and actions, placing an emphasis on smooth, seamless movements without any stress on joints. Through routines carefully choreographed, you’ll soon develop greater poise and control, and a leaner, more resilient body.

Who is Garuda for?

Whether you’re recovering from a physical injury, looking for an alternative to traditional gym workouts or an accomplished athlete, Garuda will challenge you but the rewards will be considerable.

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