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Bonita K


Bonita is the founder of SELF Fitness Studio. Being passionate in helping clients understanding correct movement pattern, reducing pain and increasing their sports performance, she love working with clients from different fitness levels. 

Bonita is The Garuda Method Master Trainer of Hong Kong and China, she is also experienced in Pilates, Animal Flow and Pre and postnatal teachings. She is passionate about helping students improve their body awareness whilst increasing physical and mental strength.

Active since the age of 3, she has been involved in sports like dancing, swimming, surfing, muay thai. 

As a result of years of extreme exercise and a horseback riding accident brought Bonita to Pilates in 2014. Through practicing she was not only able to heal her chronic knee and back pain, but also increased her sports performance, and perception of the mind-body connection.

Bonita completed her Pilates training with Polestar Pilates, then went on to achieve additional Pre and Postnatal certifications, and NKT Therapy certification.  After years of teaching full-time, Bonita discovered The Garuda Method, and it has immensely helped her clients from all backgrounds. Over the years, she has attended countless training courses in London with the founder James D’Silva, making her the only Master Trainer in China. 

Besides training her clients, Bonita enjoys outdoor water activities, you can often find her freediving or enjoying the sun, sea and sand with her family!


Jessica Leung

Jessica is our Pilates Instructor and Nutrition & Healthy Lifestyle Coach.  She believes everyone deserves to have a happy, healthy body and mind which is long lasting and with the right  fitness, nutrition & lifestyle guidance anyone can achieve this.


Previous to being a Pilates Instructor &  Nutrition Coach Jessica was a chef and a restaurant owner, in London and Hong Kong. Working in a kitchen and running several restaurants Jessica was always in a high stress environment which can take its toll on one’s body.  She practised pilates from the age of 17, discovering how having a healthy spine leads to better mobility and prevents injuries as she saw colleagues around her suffering from back and hip pain from having to be on their feet all day everyday.  After being in the hospitality industry for so many years, she wanted others to experience the benefits of pilates and got her Pilates Instructor Certificate as well as The Garuda Method Teaching Certificate. Besides pilates Jessica explored and studied how integrating healthy habits into one’s day to day life can help manage stress physically and mentally so that everyone can extend the longevity of their bodies so they can live longer with a healthy mind and body.


Jessica understands everyone has different bodies and lifestyles and there is no one size fits all approach to reaching their desired fitness, nutrition and lifestyle goals.  Her nutrition and healthy lifestyle programme & pilates classes enables her to be her client’s guiding hand on their journey to feel good and live better.  Her passion has always been with food, she began her journey of sharing with her clients her knowledge of food as a source of enrichment to the body and how eating healthy does not mean taking the enjoyment out of a meal.  


When Jessica isn’t coaching clients, you will find her lost in a book, out and about with her dogs, or cooking delicious creations in her kitchen.

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