Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of practising Garuda?

Garuda offers a cardiovascular workout while drawing deeply on mental focus and teaching the sacred principle of relaxation within movement. Garuda’s results are increased strength, flexibility, coordination and endurance, with a greater sense of ease and well-being.

How often do I need to practice to see benefits?

You’ll feel it right after your first session as these movements engage your body in new ways. Most of our clients practice 1-2 times per week to capture the repertoire and be challenged each time they come to class, combining with their own practice at home and exercise regime. We often advise 2-3 per week combining Mat based and apparatus to really see the transformation in your body and mind.

I’m a beginner. How do I start?

Lovely! You can start with mat / mat-based classes right away. If you want to do apparatus group class and are new to Garuda apparatus, it’s best to start with 1 private session. Take a look at our Intro offers

What is the difference between Garuda, Pilates and Yoga?

The biggest differentiating factor is that Garuda works your muscles from the inside out and outside in. There are no long holds, no movement that is just done in a singular fashion (ie up and down or lift and lower), and no strict rules of moving. Garuda principles stem from the spiral lines of your body and continually challenges your flow of movement using the spiral lines as a guide. From our core to our extremeties, fingers and toes, and the other way round. Resulting in a complete body movement experience and intention in each movement and exercise.

What is the difference between a Level 1 and a Level 2 class? (both Mat & Apparatus)

Level 1 will move a bit slower and take the time to explain exercises so each client knows how to execute the movement in a safe manner. Clients are challenged by working on the fundamental exercises in a deep and connected manner.
Level 2 class is tailored to the more experienced student. Students will continue to work on Level 1 exercises while more advanced exercises will be introduced and integrated. Students are expected to know Level 1 exercises and are challenged by a class that flows. The client must be injury free and able to do Level 2 classes.

What’s your cancellation policy?

We have a minimum of 12 hour cancellation policy or there will be a full service charge. As we have reserved the spot specifically for you, cancelling close to scheduled time makes it difficult to fill that void. We understand that unforeseen emergencies do occur. Howeverplease always cancel ahead of time if you foresee that happening.

What do I wear to class?

Comfortable clothing that’s not too tight, nor loose that would risk getting stuck in the apparatus or under your feet! Barefeet is what we prefer or you can wear non-slip socks.

What if I have injuries, can I still practice?

Yes when you have clearance from your doctor / physio, depending how severe is the injury. It’ll help with your recover and regaining strength and flexibility. Do have a chat with us and start with a private session if you have not done any Garuda classes before.

I haven’t done Pilates or yoga before, can I attend Garuda classes?

Yes certainly! You’ll benefit from starting with Mat or Private classes where you will learn the basic principles and challenging movement.

I’m pregnant, can I take group classes? Which ones are safe for me to take?

We recommend you take private sessions, or prenatal mat class when you are pregnant. Your body is going through so many changes and many adjustments will have to be made that only a private session can allow for.

I have done a lot of Pilates / Yoga before, could I join the Trio Apparatus session?

The Garuda Apparatus might look like a hybrid of different 'contraptions' you've encountered, but the movements and the apparatus is very different and unique in it's own way. For safety reasons, we require our clients to have at least 1 Private / 1 Mat session before joining the Trio session.

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