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Warm Up on the Beach

Welcome to Self Fitness Online

Move Intelligently

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Better posture. Less pain.

Designed for those who take their movement quality seriously. Learn corrective movements which directly improves posture, correct imbalances, alleviate pain and improve sports performance.

What can we help you with?

• Sports performance     •Pain management (back/neck/knee pain)    •Muscle weakness / instability


• Improve posture     •Overall health & fitness    •Pre-postnatal recovery and fitness

Start getting stronger and more flexible

Back pain MV product image 640 x 243.jpg

8 days to Healthier Spine

Instant relief of Tight Back & Shoulders

Free Actionable Videos

8 Days of Practice for 5 to 10 Minutes

Each day is progressional

Progress at your own speed

Minimal Space Required

No equipment needed


Neck pain MV product pic.png

8 days to Healthier Spine

  • Free Actionable Videos

  • Only 5 Minutes per Day

  • Relieve Back Pain

  • Build your Core & Back Muscles

  • Release Tight Muscles

  • Anytime Access with Internet

  • No equipment needed


Screenshot 2020-10-13 at 6.19.54 PM.jpg

8 days to Healthier Spine

  •  A 28 Days Plan of Actionable Videos 

  • Strengthen your Core, Shoulders & Legs

  • Increase your Flexibility

  • Learn how to stretch on your own

  • Increase your  knowledge of mobility

  • Release Work From Home Tightness

  • Practice anywhere at anytime with internet access

  • 39 USD for Unlimited Access


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