Gain strength and flexibility with mindful holistic movement

Improve posture & muscle tone through functional training In our safe, exclusive studio in the heart of Central.
Move intelligently

Intro offer
2 Mat-based group class

2 class for HK$450

(valid for 14 days)

Intro Offer
1 Mat + 1 Apparatus group class

2 sessions for $675

(valid for 14 days) 

Please click here for our hygiene and safety measure in studio.

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Mindful movement

Build muscle tone, increase flexibility, all the while increasing long term body control.


Improve Posture

Strengthen your core and different muscle groups so you can have good posture whilst doing the sports you love, and eliminate daily pains.


Injury prevention & promote recovery

Exercise consciously to reduce the chances of injuries. Low impact exercises to aid your recovery.


About SELF


​SELF - Strength, Endurance, Lifestyle, Fitness. 

Move Better, Hurt Less.

At SELF, we help our clients understand correct movement patterns through low impact flows and functional training with beneficial breathing patterns, and in return, gain better posture, improved sports performance, less injuries and pain.

We are proud to be Asia's first Garuda Method focused studio. Our classes aims to bring mindfulness to your movements that extends towards daily lives. 


Small Group Classes

Build strength, increase flexibility or relieving stress, our small group classes (max of 6 attendees) are carefully selected to cater to your mind and body's needs.


Bespoke Private Session

Speak with us and see how we can help, with posture, body pain, finding flexibility and strength.

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Corporate Event

Tailored to meet your team's needs: singing bowl, posture re-education, or a sweat stress relief session; discuss with us.

See what Others SAY ABOUT US!
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"I've had shoulder and abdomi surgery that resulted in me have little confidence in my range of movements. I decided to work together with Bonita two years ago to attempt to rehabilitate from my surgeries and get back movement in my body. Little did I know 2 years on I was pain free from training with Bonita and I don't even need to see my physio twice a week any more. Bonita made sure that with every movement I made I was aware of my body and practised each exercise safely so that I don't further impair my shoulder and abdomi. I even improved my golf!"

- Eugenia C.

"Bonita is an awesome trainer, she's attentive and aware of my body's needs even before I'm aware of them! She's been training me for over 3 years now and has helped me get rid of my knee pain from my flat footedness and also my slightly stiff and straight back that prevented me from doing things as simple as a roll ups and downs. Now that she's introduced Garuda into my life with her guidance I am even more aware of my mind body connection to help me reach my own fitness goals! Cannot recommend Garuda and Bonita enough!

- Jessica, L

"Bonita is a wonderful and patient instructor and the Garuda method really challenges your body to work in different ways.

-Tracy. T

"More noticeable toning of my legs 😍

I have been trying to stay healthy and keep fit for my wedding hence have been doing various sorts of exercises all along. However, despite losing weight, I haven’t noticed much changes in terms of the muscle mass or shapes in my body.

My family and I have noticed the nice toning of my legs just after about a month of practicing with Bonita at SELF Fitness 💕 Thank you Bonita"
- Carmen Y.

"It's amazing to have a trainer who caters to your every need. Whether you are up for a super tough work out or need a good rehabilitation,  she will always have something fun and interesting planned for you.  Her attention to little details and her creativity never ceases. I leave every class feeling invigorated and ready to take on the rest of day!"

-Vicky C.