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Discover the joy in pain-free movements.
Jump high. Swing far. Swim fast. Injury-free.

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Why start? Glad that you ask:
- Rehabilitation, injury prevention, improve posture or improve sports performance.
- Rediscover the joy in moving freely, not accept 'pain' as an everyday thing.
- Build a stronger connection between body and mind, enjoying your capability of performing better at the sports that you like.

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Bonita is an experienced Garuda & Pilates instructor and the founder of SELF Fitness Studio. She is passionate in helping students improve their body awareness while increasing physical and mental strength. Her specialties include sports performance training, pre/post-natal fitness, injury rehabilitation, general health and body conditioning.

Years of extreme exercise and a horseback riding accident brought Bonita to Pilates in 2014. Through practicing she was not only able to heal her chronic knee and back pain, but also increase her performance in sports, and perception of the mind-body connection.

Bonita completed her Pilates training with Polestar Pilates, then gone on to achieve additional Pre/postnatal certifications. After years of teaching full-time, Bonita found The Garuda Method, and discovered it has immensely helped her clients from all backgrounds. Over the few years, she has attended countless training in London with the founder James D’Silva, making her the only Garuda teacher in Hong Kong. 


As a mother and avid athlete, Bonita is skilled at working with clients from diverse exercise backgrounds. Whether conditioning clients to enhance sports performance, or supporting busy mothers pre/post-partum, Bonita is able to adapt to meet clients where they are at. Her classes combine various techniques that aim to build strength, improve posture and increase flexibility.


She is fluent in English, Cantonese and French. When she isn't working, she can be found spending time with her family, freediving or eating cheese.


About  SELF



SELF is the acronym of Strength, Endurance, Lifestyle, Fitness.

Our belief:  

In freedom of movement, having strength and flexibility.

Classes taught:

Being Asia's first Garuda Method focused studio, we provide small group class of 3-6 people, in  Apparatus, Barre, Mat class, and private sessions, making sure to work towards your goal.

What is The Garuda Method:

It's a modern hybrid method of traditional Pilates. Imagine Pilates, Yoga, Gyro, Dance, Taichi altogether, creating a new form of movement.

What is a class like: 

We focus on big movements and intricate details. Movements are cardiovascular stimulated, focusing on isolating individual muscles as much as a whole body movement experience, leaving you feeling accomplished, reinvigorated.

What can clients expect:

To be guided and enjoy the workout, feeling invigorated, with a sense of lightness and grounded-ness within them.

What are the results:

A stronger physique connecting with a focused mind.

Classes offered:

Small group size of 3 people so you can get the care and attention. Combining Apparatus strength work and some stretches on the Mat, you'll leave feeling invigorated.

Apparatus fusion

Includes seated, standing, prone and supine position, movements work all muscles and move onto your myofasical lines, with elements of active meditation.

Mind-body connection

A unique workout that works your legs and core considerably. Combining with the use of a strength band, it adds tone & flexibility to shoulders and arms.

Increase body awareness

The best option if you want to reach your goal with more focus, result and precision. Please whatsapp or email us to schedule consultation.

Personlized sessions


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