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10 week savoir-faire:
Summer-Fit series

10 week - summer fit sq (1).png

When Fitness + Pilates + Nutrition 

We all know, to stay fit, fitness and nutrition comes hand-in-hand, and for our program, we also want to help clients correct posture, balance their body while getting stronger and fitter. 

Clients will choose either weekly Private sessions or Group classes.

Both Private or Group program would include:

- A Nutrition assessment
- Fitness / posture assessment
- Regular nutritional zoom check ins x 3
- 2 Group Classes (1 Cardio trio + 1 Mat) or 
2 x Private sessions (Fitness & Pilates) per week 
(10 in total)
- A final check in

With each of the packages clients can either choose to pay- in-full, or in 3 monthly installments.


Group Package would be $11000 in one payment (or $3666.66 for 3 months)
Private Package would be $19800 in one payment (or $6600 for 3 months)

We want to know more about you Please whatsapp or email us if you're interested and please state which program (Private / Group / undecided). 

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