Bonita K


Bonita is the founder of SELF Fitness Studio. Active since the age of 3, she has been involved in sports like dancing, swimming, surfing, muay thai.

Bonita is an experienced Garuda, Pilates, Animal Flow and Pre and postnatal instructor. She is passionate about helping students improve their body awareness whilst increasing physical and mental strength. Her specialties include sports performance training, pre and post-natal fitness, injury rehabilitation, general health and body conditioning.

As a result of years of extreme exercise and a horseback riding accident brought Bonita to Pilates in 2014. Through practicing she was not only able to heal her chronic knee and back pain, but also increased her sports performance, and perception of the mind-body connection.

 Bonita completed her Pilates training with Polestar Pilates, then went on to achieve additional Pre and Postnatal certifications, and NKT Therapy certification.  After years of teaching full-time, Bonita discovered The Garuda Method, and it has immensely helped her clients from all backgrounds. Over the years, she has attended countless training courses in London with the founder James D’Silva, making her the only comprehensive Garuda trainer in Hong Kong.

Besides training her clients, Bonita enjoys outdoor water activities, you can often find her freediving or enjoying the sun, sea and sand with her family!


Michelle K

Michelle decided to become a Certified STOTT Pilates Instructor in 2009 when she discovered that Pilates could ease her years of severe back pain which saved her from undergoing back surgery. Her Pilates journey has quite literally changed her life!  She specialises in Pilates rehabilitation and body shaping with Bootybarre dancing, working with a range of clientele from ages 7 to 85 years old.

Michells is very passionate about the importance of exercise and movement for injury and pain management and she loves sharing her knowledge with her clients.  Helping to dispel fear and watching her clients thrive and begin to move with confidence is Michelle’s favourite thing about teaching Pilates! 

Michelle believes in never stopping learning with rehabilitation and numerous training in scoliosis and other spinal deformities through the Schroth Best Practice Conservative Management in Germany.  “I love to help my patients move well and pain free. Clientele will also be provided with a wide range of exercises to continue working toward their goals and prevent the return of pain or injury”

After years of teaching experience, Michelle introduces new concepts using Directed Breathing to find free space in the body which helps clientele gain a strong awareness of their bodies. Clients immensely benefit from her caring personality and Pilates-evolved techniques for rehabilitation expressed in a playful way that brings fun and laughter to each session, leaving each of them feeling strong, vibrant, sweaty and most importantly happy!

Apart from training and exercising, in her spare time Michelle enjoys nourishing her body, mind and soul by preparing delicious Vegan dinners, reading ancient Indian scriptures, playing Harmonium and Kirtan Sanga.


Jessica Leung

Jessica is our resident Nutrition & Healthy Lifestyle Coach.  She believes everyone deserves to have a happy, healthy body and mind which is long lasting and with the right nutrition & lifestyle guidance anyone can achieve this.

Previous to being a Nutrition Coach Jessica was a chef and a restaurant owner, in London and Hong Kong, after realising many people did not have a healthy relationship with food she decided to be certified in Precision Nutrition.  Her passion has always been with food, she began her journey of sharing with her clients her knowledge of food as a source of enrichment to the body and how eating healthy does not mean taking the enjoyment out of a meal.  

Working in a kitchen and running several restaurants Jessica was always in a high stress environment which can take its toll on one’s body and through exploration and studying of how integrating healthy habits into one’s day to day life can help manage stress physically and mentally so that everyone can extend the longevity of their bodies so they can live longer with a healthy mind and body.

Jessica understands everyone has different bodies and lifestyles and there is no one size fits all approach to reaching their desired nutrition and lifestyle goals.  Through her nutrition and healthy lifestyle programme she creates a bespoke plan for each of her clients so she can be their hand to hold on their journey to feel good and live better.

When Jessica isn’t coaching clients, you will find her lost in a book, out and about with her dogs, or cooking delicious creations in her kitchen.


Michelle Lok

 Our Pre & Postnatal & lactation specialist, who helps women transitioning and stepping into motherhood recover gradually using the therapeutic and healing power of yoga.

Michelle found yoga in 2006 when she first started her career as a banker.  In the fast-paced banking industry, yoga helped her  slow down, to find inner peace and to deal with her daily work challenges with a clear mind and healthy body. Gradually, she found practising yoga has become her life’s daily essentials. She always said, “Yoga replaces my daily cup of Joe!”. Not until she became a mother did she realise the magic of yoga, she healed her own postpartum trauma through yoga practice. Michelle then became a prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher RPYT and a lactation consultant IBCLC. Through deep-dive research and studies, she has a strong conviction that all women transitioning and stepping into motherhood will recover gradually using the therapeutic and healing power of yoga.

Michelle’s first yoga teacher is Ana Forrest, who created her own style of yoga called Forrest Yoga. A very powerful form of yoga that is specially designed for mending the hoop of the people. Michelle trusts that our body is able to heal itself. When you believe it, you will be able to achieve it. This is her philosophy of life.

Michelle’s class is precise, calming and fun at the same time. Her class has strong emphasis on breathing and connecting to the feelings in your body. Students are able to approach yoga step by step through a specially designed sequence.


Anderson Chan

One of our Animal Flow Instructors, Anderson aims to get his clients fitter, more mobile and stronger so that they can do things that they never thought they were able to before.

Anderson has taught TRX, Indoor Cycling, Core training and HIIT, but Animal Flow inspired him the most. Animal Flow opened the doors of body movement for him, as it breaks the perception many people have that advanced body movements can only be achieved if people start training at a young age.  The practice of Animal Flow helped Anderson understand how his body moved and facilitated him to go towards a much wider spectrum of body movement systems such as Kung Fu, Capoeira and hand balancing.  

When Anderson isn’t practicing Animal Flow and other movement practices, he is often found riding his motorbike, cycling, and being creative in painting and photography.  He may also be enjoying a coffee or a good glass of wine.


Hill Young

One of our mobility and Animal Flow instructors, Hill aims to help his clients gain more understanding on how they can move their body better and build strength to prevent and rehabilitate injuries.


Hill started his personal training career with injury rehabilitation, and has over 10 years of training experience with different types of clients. He is also a kindergarten teacher, playground teacher and SENS teacher and experienced chronic tightness and discomfort because of his work.  He tried many different methods of training, such as yoga for flexibility, cardio to increase circulation, and strength training to provide long term aid to keep his body pain free and strong. 


Hill discovered progressive methods of mobility and Animal Flow that are different to traditional strength training as these more modern methods are more dimensional and require much more spatial awareness.  After learning and practicing these new methods it gace Hill a whole new meaning of how our bodies can move better efficiently and effectively.


Hill is very dedicated to his practices and trains in his spare time when he isn’t teaching, he also enjoys relaxing in nature to relax.


Winnie Kwong

WInnie believes through yoga and sound therapy mindfulness is a game changer and any one can start their mindfulness journey wherever they are in their lives.


WInnie started yoga as an inflexible yogi searching for stress relief after work. After being drawn to yoga’s therapeutic approach she trained to become certified as a yoga and meditation instructor, specialising in myo-yin yoga and meridian yoga therapy.  Practicing yoga mindfully with singing bowls allows her to quieten her mind as well as reaping the physical benefits.


Through myofascial release WInnie believes her clients are able to release deep rooted tensions in their bodies, especially those who sit in front of a desk all day. Singing bowls elevates the experience by massaging the body internally with vibrations, removing energy blockages and detoxifying the body.  Clients will also be able to slow down and find their mind-body connection, whilst their nervous system calms down.


When Winnie isn’t holding sessions you will find her chilling on the beach, being close to the ocean makes her happy.