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SELF Fitness Studio is a brand with the only Garuda Pilates equipment in Hong Kong. A boutique studio with in-studio products focused on bespoke private sessions, tailored group classes, focusing on  conscious movement and mind-body connection.

pilates instructor

full / part-time


  • At SELF, we help our clients understand correct movement patterns through low impact flows and functional training with optimal breathing patterns, and in return clients receive better posture, improved sports performance, less injuries and pain.

  • If you’re a highly motivated, driven and high performing person who is passionate about changing lives and positively impacting our community, then we cannot wait to share this career opportunity with you.  



  • SELF FItness Studio is seeking a Pilates Instructor to join our fun and friendly team. For this position, an ideal instructor will have the following responsibilities.  (Please note: additional responsibilities may be added or presented throughout the course of employment.)

  • Present an exceptional SELF branded experience to our members and prospects in each class or private session

  • Create & exceptional workouts/private sessions in the framework of SELF FItness Studio.  

  • Take courses with The Garuda Method and be teaching it in conjunction with other methodologies

  • Utilizing our high touch education process, walk clients through their goals and educate them on their ideal package.  

  • The ideal person will have a genuine curiosity for a Client’s life and be comfortable asking questions about goals, health and wellness and presenting appropriate packages/asking for the sale.  

  • Adhere to the start and end times, intensity and description of each class/session or format based on the class schedule and varying levels of participants in each class/session.  

  • Teach classes and/or private sessions on a regular schedule that is introduced monthly and limit subbing.  

  • When seeking a substitute, always ensure all subs have been contacted by you directly before reaching out to Management for their assistance in finding a substitute.  

  • Arrive 15 minutes prior to class/session and leave 15 minutes following class/session.  During this time, you will educate clients on the prospective and Introductory Packages and on the studio’s formats and offerings; assist in the booking of additional class times and packages for current clients and engage all clients with our studio’s systems.  

  • Build attendance and retention of clients through personal social media engagement and announcements and direct client interaction.  

  • Work directly with Management by communicating feedback, maintenance issues, substitution changes and requests, and scheduling.  

  • Attend mandatory meetings with Management.  


  • An ideal candidate will have the following experience and qualifications: 

  • Instructors must hold at least one Pilates certification in Reformer;additional certifications in other modalities would be preferable.  

  • Hold 1+ years experience in teaching

  • Hold and maintain current CPR/AED certifications

  • Be competent in modifications and contraindications for major injuries of circumstances.  Have a strong knowledge of anatomy and movement kinesiology.  

  • Be engaging, outgoing and eager to get to know your students.  

  • Be ready to engage in ongoing professional continuing education and development

  • Effectively demonstrate or show movements taught in classes

The Compensation and Benefits

  • This role includes competitive hourly rate and benefits including MPF & paid annual leave. 

  • Subsidies in continuous education.

  • Complimentary studio merchandise discount.

  • Complimentary classes (subject to availability)