Whether you are looking for self enhancement or to be a part of The SELF Team, Garuda Training has profound benefits for your body and mind. Find Garuda Online Training Schedule here. Trainings with be taken Online either at home or in-studio.


We are looking for Pilates instructors to join us:


- Is Pilates trained

- Like to work with a close-knit team and friendly environment.

- Tailor classes to suit different needs, abilities and goals

- Teach private sessions and small group classes safely and professionally

 - Motivate clients and communicate effectively

- Attend studio meetings

Speak with us if you are interested in joining our friendly team.



The Garuda Method is a step away from traditional and formulaic approaches to movement to a fluid and hybrid method using choreographed moves rooted in yoga, Pilates and dance.

Mat training begins with the Foundation, progressing to Seated & Standing Matwork, Beginner and Advanced.

Apparatus training begins with Foundation A & B, progressing onto the Series 1 and Series 2 syllabi.

Other props including Garuda Brick, Sling, Foamroller can be taken without prior Garuda Mat experiences. 

Start your journey now. contact us for more information.