Instructor Training

Whether you are a pro and looking for self enhancement, or looking to join the SELF team, Garuda Training has profound benefits for your body and mind.

Join us and be inspired. Garuda training provides you with profound insight into deepening your practice to the next level, allowing you to further explore and create endless possibilities within your body. 

With practice, patience and perseverance, the reward is strength, endurance, flexibility, a much deeper mind-body connection. Having the ability to help your clients towards better movement quality and quality of life.

The Garuda Method is a step away from traditional and formulaic approaches to movement to a fluid and hybrid method using choreographed moves rooted in yoga, Pilates and dance.

Mat training begins with the Foundation, progressing to Seated & Standing Matwork, Beginner and Advanced.

Apparatus training begins with Foundation A & B, progressing onto the Series 1 and Series 2 syllabi.

Start your journey now. contact us for more information.

Due to recent situation, in-studio Instructor Trainings will be on-hold until further notice. If you would like to experience the Garuda method, please visit The Garuda website for so many trainings that you can do at the comfort of your home!