Bonita. K

Bonita started dancing since the age of 3. From then on she leads a very active lifestyle and was involved in many kinds of sports including swimming, tennis, surfing, muay thai and freediving.

Bonita is an experienced Garuda, Pilates, Animal Flow and Pre/postnatal instructor and the founder of SELF Fitness Studio. She is passionate in helping students improve their body awareness while increasing physical and mental strength. Her specialties include sports performance training, pre/post-natal fitness, injury rehabilitation, general health and body conditioning.

Years of extreme exercise and a horseback riding accident brought Bonita to Pilates in 2014. Through practicing she was not only able to heal her chronic knee and back pain, but also increase her performance in sports, and perception of the mind-body connection.

Bonita completed her Pilates training with Polestar Pilates, then gone on to achieve additional Pre/postnatal certifications as well as NKT therapy certification. After years of teaching full-time, Bonita found The Garuda Method, and discovered it has immensely helped her clients from all backgrounds. Over the years, she has attended countless trainings in London with the founder James D’Silva, making her the only comprehensive Garuda teacher in Hong Kong. 

Bonita teaches regular Trios, please contact us for Private sessions.

Lianne. T

Lianne's Pilates journey started more than ten years ago when she injured her leg and lower back from wakeboarding. While having tried many  different treatments but in vain, she discovered Pilates and with practice, the pain has alleviated and she enjoyed many other benefits such as stronger core, improved flexibility and overall well-being.

Having completed a successful career in banking, Lianne decided to become a full-time Pilates instructor. She has taken the Polestar Pilates Comprehensive Education programme and obtained certifications in the Gyrotonic Method, Garuda Matwork Foundation, Seated and Standing Matwork as well as The Garuda Sling. 

Lianne loves to share her passion and experience with her clients and enable them to achieve their fitness goals as well as to improve their health and happiness. During her free time she enjoys good food & wine, and  bring my dogs out for hiking or picnic to enjoy the sun and fresh air.

Come join Lianne TRIO sessions on Thursdays' evenings!