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Keeping a small group class of a max. of 3 people, so you can get more from the class.


Using a combination of Mat, Barre & Apparatus during the class, we'll work all your muscles with different components  you will leave the class feeling stronger, leaner, more flexible. 


Small group class of max 3 men, work from the outside out and outside in, with springs & exercises adjusted accordingly. 

Making sure you leave the class feeling invigorated.

Men’s Trio 

1-on-1 session catered to align with your fitness goals.

Formulating the session to suite your availability and fitness goals, whether you're recovering from injury / pregnancy or would like to up a level in your sports game, a private session will make sure you have all the focus in assisting you with achieving your goals.

Private session

A Pilates-based system that builds gradually with movements start first by isolating individual muscles, then move on to the myofascial lines they belong to, always leaving the class feeling invigorated.

Includes seated, standing, prone and supine position, Garuda Matwork moves requires dedication and concentration of body & mind and the result is extremely rewarding.

Garuda Mat

A unique barre workout where balance and strength work side by side to create a sense of length and flow. Working with push and pull with the hands, as well as 'groundedness' of the feet. With the addition of the strength band, it increase the strength work as well as flexibility around shoulders and hips.

Garuda Barre

Designed to support you throughout pregnancy. Including breathing exercises and movements to help with releasing tension in the body, and feel more connected to your baby, giving you a potentially better labour and recovery experience.


Please consult your doctor to make sure you can to light exercise.

Prental Mat